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Descente aux enfers d'un enfant au Québec

La descente aux enfers d'un enfant franco-canadien (né au Québec) victime d'une détection précoce erronée au Québec en garderie par des personnes incompétentes. Tout ça pour un problème de vision!

Medhi : the smiling child who became a zombie because of Risperdal

Publié par Descente aux enfers au Québec sur 21 Août 2014, 04:36am

Catégories : #5. Condamner et témoigner






A year ago, I discovered Mehdi's story. Mehdi is a prisoner of his own mind because he is heavily medicated in Risperdal and he is a prisoner of the Quebec youth protection services.

Medhi is a little boy aged 10. He was born in Quebec from an Algerian mother who is engineer and a father whose own goal is to destroy his wife through their son Medhi.

The story is very long to tell, but Mehdi’s mother and grand-mother have been fighting for since 2008 to have him back home.

When he was 2 years old, Mehdi had a speech delay which was transformed after some years to the diagnosis of autism. The mother never believed in this diagnosis after plenty of medical evaluations which do not correspond to autism. Unfortunately, with the help of Quebec youth protection services and the father, Medhi was heavily medicated and is now prisoner of his mind and ... of the Quebec youth services.

He could sing and talk when he was 4, he does not talk anymore at the age of 10 because of the heavy medication.

He was happy when living with his mother, he does not smile anymore.

You can see plenty of video from this child until the age of 4 when he lived with his mother :

At the swimming pool :


Medhi playing :


Mehdi biking :


Mehdi does not want to go to school (after a week’s holiday spent with his mother... the father has the custody of Medhi and after he will let him go to the social services, he says he wants to die).


Mehdi wants to eat and open the fridge :


Mehdi playing with his cousin :


Mehdi playing with a puzzle


How is Mehdi now?

From a smiling baby to a zombie...


Summer 2010 : Mehdi is “frozen” because of Risperdal. He cried all the time after he was separated from his mother (and given to the father fist who left him after to the social services) and became very anxious.  As a response, doctors gave him risperdal and restricted the visits of his mother (from 2 hours per week to one 30 minutes a month).

Summer 2010 : after 9 months in Risperdal, Mehdi lost his speech and became incontinent (he was not any more since the age of 2).

In the last slides, you can see how is Mehdi now.

This is the Facebook page of the mother : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Soutien-%C3%A0-lenfant-drogu%C3%A9-au-Risperdal-et-enlev%C3%A9-%C3%A0-sa-m%C3%A8re-par-le-DPJ/645774755503873

As a mother, I consider it’s a crime against this child!

As a mother, I consider that medication is for curing people not for destroying them.

As a mother, I consider that it is a great scandal that a child goes to school with heavily handicapped people although he has a normal intelligence. If he lost his speech, it’s because of Risperdal.

His mother and grand-mother are reliable persons who are ready to take him back home. Whatever the situation, it is absolutely inconceivable that doctors don’t let the child develop normally or improve his skills. Because of Risperdal, Mehdi cannot write or read. They consider him as a laboratory animal testing a medication on him.

What can we do now?

In whatever language, support the mother in a Facebook page!


And if you have experience in giving media coverage to this scandal, don’t hesitate to let her know!


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